3 Reasons You Can’t Forget to Clean Grout

bayshore tampa 3 Reasons You Can’t Forget to Clean Grout

grout cleaningBeing a homeowner is stressful. You often have so many things on your to do list that it feels impossible to get everything done. But you should always prioritize cleaning the grout and tile in bathrooms and kitchens. Replacing just one tile takes about 30 minutes, and if you leave things dirty for long periods of time, you may be replacing whole sections. Read on for three reasons you should never skip out on keeping your tiles and grout clean.

Mold Dangers

Tile cleaning can keep mold away from places that get damp relatively often, such as in a bathroom or a kitchen. Mold is dangerous to have in your home, especially if you have young children or pets. Keeping things clean can save you from a trip to the ER for mold ingestion, so don’t take the chance !


Dirt and grime stuck in between your tiles is simply unsightly as well. If you plan to have any guests in your home, do you want them seeing messy grout or clean, beautiful tiles? If you do it for nothing else, invest in grout cleaning for your house guests. It not only will keep them safe, but it makes a better impression.

Harder to Clean

Cleaning grout should never be done with harsh chemicals. Instead, you should use one-third white vinegar and two-thirds water for everyday cleaning. But if you never do any tile and grout cleaning, you should call in a professional, because it will be much harder to clean. Once it’s clean, you can apply a topical sealant, which protects grout for one to two years before reapplication is needed. This ensures it won’t be as bad to clean from then on !

Do you keep up on cleaning tile and grout or do you invest in tile and grout cleaning services instead? Do you agree that consistency is key ?

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