3 Reasons You Should Choose Tile Flooring

bayshore tampa 3 Reasons You Should Choose Tile Flooring

choose tile flooringBelieve it or not, the type of flooring you have in your home is a very important choice. While you may not originally put much thought into it, you’ll quickly find out that certain types of floors are simply harder to take care of. Carpeting, for example, can be hard to keep up with, because it traps dirt and hair, and becomes stained and dirty very quickly. You wouldn’t have that issue with hardwood flooring or tile flooring. Read on for just a few reasons you need to consider tile flooring for the floors of your home.

Easier Clean

Cleaning tile and grout may seem like an impossible chore, but if you keep up on it, it’s much easier than deep cleaning a carpet. Grout and tile cleaning is as simple as using a mixture of two-thirds water and one-third white vinegar and doing a simple wipe down. Stay away from harsh chemicals, and be sure to apply a topical sealant. That sealant, though it needs to be repeated every one to two years, will protect grout and make it easier to keep clean.

Easy Restoration

Tile floor restoration is easier than redoing carpeting, for what should be obvious reasons. With carpeting, you have to tear up the entire thing and redo the whole floor, whereas with tile restoration, you can hone in on the problem areas. Tile restoration is also less time consuming, since it only takes about 30 minutes to remove and replaced any damaged tile.


Tile is preferred by about 90% of homeowners for kitchen flooring, because it’s incredibly durable. If you maintain it, tile flooring can last decades and in some cases, centuries. It’s easily cleaned, and it won’t stain and become dirty over the years. This makes it an easy frontrunner for a floor type.

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