3 Ways To Restore Worn Down Terrazzo Floors

bayshore tampa 3 Ways To Restore Worn Down Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo FlooringTerrazzo flooring is making a major comeback, particularly here in Florida. This uniquely durable and beautiful flooring was first developed more than 1,500 years ago by Venetian craftsmen. Those techniques traveled to America with the Spanish, where terrazzo was often used in monuments and churches.

In the 20th century, Terrazzo was a favorite among many Art Deco architects, and workers began experimenting with different marbles, concrete and pigments. Using separation strips, these craftsmen learned how to make gorgeous new designs, turning the best terrazzo floors into works of art.

Now, not only are many homeowners, builders, and architects rediscovering the benefits of terrazzo flooring, but many property owners are finally investing in terrazzo restoration. Using the latest terrazzo tile cleaning techniques, some of Florida’s oldest and most beautiful terrazzo floors are finally being unveiled. The best tile flooring (if properly cleaned and maintained) can last decades, but the best terrazzo floors can last for centuries. That’s why we offer the professional terrazzo restoration Tampa residents rely on to repair terrazzo floors from as far back as the 18th century.

Our Tampa terrazzo restoration experts have mastered a number of different techniques for cleaning, polishing, and restoring these priceless tile floors, and the best technique for your property depends greatly on your budget, the type of materials, and the age of the floor. Below, check out this brief guide to terrazzo restoration and cleaning.

The Best Way To Clean Terrazzo Floors

If you have a terrazzo floor in your home, church, or commercial building, the way you can clean them the same way you would another tile flooring. That means you’ll need to regularly sweep and mop the floor while also taking particular care to clean up spills, stains, or dirt that accumulates. This regular cleaning prevents staining and an overall dulling. If you fail to maintain the floor, it will lose its shine and attractive appearance over time.

Terrazzo Restoration: Diamond Grinding

If you really want to invest in the long-term appearance of your floor, then diamond grinding is the most effective form of restoration today. In addition to polishing the floor, diamond grinding smooths the surface of the floor, erasing years of wear and tear. The end result is a beautiful, smooth, non-slip shine that will be admired for years to come. Even better, this technique can smooth out any chips or imperfections that have developed on the floor over the years.

Terrazzo Restoration on a Budget: Polishing and Cleaning

For those looking for the most affordable Terrazzo restoration Tampa has to offer, our experts also offer polishing services that can restore the shine and glow to your floors. We use a liquid topical finish to leave your flooring looking as good as new again. Topical finishes are highly effective, but usually need to be repeated every two years at the most.

If you aren’t sure what kind of services you need, our experts always start by visiting the floor in person. Then we inspect the location and surface condition so we can recommend the best services for your floor and your budget.

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