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Reoccurring Carpet Stains

Have you seen stains disappear with professional cleaning, then reappear once your carpet dries? Learn how this happens and what can be done about it.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sealing Your Natural Stone

Are you a little confused about whether or not to seal your natural stone? You’ve done your homework and researched the topic on the web only to find that there...

Kids… and Clean Carpets, Too

Maintaining clean interior textiles can be a challenge if you have kids. Here are some suggestions to keep dirt and spills off your carpets and furniture.
Marble Cleaning Tampa FL

Why does white marble turn yellow?

Why does white marble turn yellow ? Causes and Cures (and why we recommend white or very light marble never be used in a shower) Why does white marble turn...
vacuum cleaner

Equipment Check: Keeping your vacuum working optimally

Regular vacuuming is one of the most important things you can do to not only keep your carpets clean, but to prolong their life. But your vacuum must do its...
Caring for Textiles in Your Bathroom

Helpful Tips on Caring for Textiles in Your Bathroom

A combination of preventative measures and smart cleaning practices are a good way to ensure you have a warm, inviting bathroom free of harmful bacteria.
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