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Why you need a Floor & Surface Cleaning Professional that’s on your side!

Brandon FL began in 1857. Since that time homeowners have enjoyed decorating their homes with natural stone tile flooring, terrazzo flooring, wood flooring, natural stone countertops, porcelain tile, carpet, and upholstery. Throughout the time one thing has proven constant, all of these surfaces need regular professional service to keep them looking beautiful and performing great in your home.

Natural stone has made it into just about every home. You selected natural stone to be featured in your interior because of its gorgeous colors, character, and tones. Natural stone tile flooring options include marble, travertine, limestone, granite, and slate. Marble and granite countertops showcase any kitchen or bath with their unique veining and colors. You decorated your home to be a comfortable living space for you and your family not to be a showpiece in a magazine. You expect to enjoy cooking, entertaining, pets and kids playing on the natural stone tile floor and still have them looking gorgeous at all times.

Because they’re something we see every day, most of us have stopped even noticing that our countertops, vanity tops, bar tops are a huge part of our living space!

We throw books, car keys, magazines, groceries all kinds of junk and tidbits on them not even noticing that we have damaged our countertop!

Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration makes it possible for you to enjoy using your natural stone countertops without fretting about etching or staining those surfaces. We can easily polish away the damage and reseal the stone providing you the freedom and comfort you expect in your home. If your natural stone countertops and surfaces have lost their shine, are scratched or etched we can clean, polish and repair restore them. In no time at all they will be the elegant part of the house again.

Plus, we can make available for purchase our cleaning products so you and your family will be able to keep your surfaces gleaming. Whether natural stone flooring or countertops, Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration can keep them looking beautiful. Call 813-609-8661.

Polished Terrazzo is Back

If you are living in an originally constructed home in Brandon, FL then most likely you have terrazzo flooring throughout your home. Concrete mixed with marble chips and sometimes another aggregate was used to surface the entire foundation. Since its construction, homeowners grew tired of stripping and waxing the terrazzo to keep it looking shiny so it was covered over with another flooring. No need for annual messy terrazzo polishing services. We don’t use waxes, topical sealers or crystallizers to create the shine. With our diamond honing and polishing service you can enjoy shiny terrazzo floors for years and years. What could be better than clean and shiny terrazzo floors maintaining the original integrity of your Brandon home?

Call 813-609-8661.

We Take the On the Toughest Jobs

We offer Brandon, FL. tile and grout cleaning with special focus on deep cleaning the grout because that is where the majority of soiling has set in and caused the discoloration in your flooring. We recommend cleaning a grouted floor once each year to help maintain its look and to avoid premature discoloration. If you have a porcelain tile flooring you have discovered that dirt gets trapped in its textured surface and how difficult it is to clean this surface with in-home steam vacuums. Let us relieve you of this endless struggle. With our professional equipment and attention to detail, we can set your porcelain tile free from trapped dirt.

Characteristically, grout does have an unfortunate life cycle. Even when it is cleaned regularly, because it is porous grout will eventually absorb and retain dirt and oils and become permanently discolored compared to areas that are not trafficked as frequently. At this point, cleaning can not restore the grout to its original look. Ask us about Color Sealing. Color sealing creates a beautifully consistent, uniform look across your entire floor and prevents the grout from staining. Call 813-609-8661.

Wood Floor Cleaning Specialists

Hardwood is a classic flooring that creates a warm and elegant atmosphere for any home. They are durable and functional for any busy family. These porous surfaces do absorb and retain soiling over time. Steam mops and household detergents can assist in cleaning but eventually, some dullness will develop in high trafficked areas. Wood floor polishes may have been used hardwood floors to enhance the wood floor’s luster. But they only complicate matters as they attract more dirt and create a buildup of wax on top of the wood.

We use an intensive low moisture cleaning system that removes wax build-ups on top of the wood and embedded dirt in the wood and joints between the boards. Following the service, the wood floor looks and feels as it did when it was brand new out of the box. In most cases, there is no need for any additional treatment. Following our intensive low moisture cleaning your wood floor is ready to be recoated with a new finish if needed. No need for sanding and re-staining. Our service does not create any dust. Avoid expensive replacement costs. Call today to start enjoying your beautiful wood floors again! 813-609-8661.

No Job Too Small

We clean carpet and upholstery!

Carpeting creates warmth and comfort for any living space. While most homes have natural stone, wood or tile floors throughout the main part of the house, the bedrooms are reserved for carpet. The staircase may also be carpeted to provide some stability. Your favorite chair or sofa where you and the family gather may also be upholstered with fabric. Whether nylon or natural, your carpet, and upholstery will attract household dust, dander, and general soiling. With regular cleaning and added protection Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration can keep your carpet and upholstery looking and feeling great and prevent traffic lanes or worn-out armrests from developing.

With expertise in many services, we are the right fit for any home to handle your cleaning & restoration projects. We look forward to helping you keep your home a warm and welcoming place for you and your family. Give us a call today. 813-609-8661.

We offer many services including:

Natural Stone Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration.

Countertop Polishing and Protecting

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Wood Floor Cleaning and Recoating

Terrazzo Polishing

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

And so much more!

When You Need Help, Our Professionals at Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration Is Your Answer!

Your busy with your career and family not thinking much about your interior décor until you start noticing dull, worn areas in your stone tile flooring and natural stone countertops, dull and dingy wood floors, discoloration in your grout or dirty carpets and upholstery. That’s when you begin searching for a cleaning company. You hope to find a service provider that pays as much attention to detail as you do in your career.

Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration solves your cleaning and restoration projects easily and affordably. After all, we have been recognized as one of the top cleaning and restoration services in Brandon, FL since 2009.
Relax, take a stroll through the Brandon Westfield Mall confident that your cleaning & restoration project is being properly cared for.

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