Can your dirty and/or damaged floor be restored ?

bayshore tampa Can your dirty and/or damaged floor be restored ?

damaged floorMany times homeowners and property managers jump to the conclusion that a floor cannot be restored. While walking thru a home improvement store or browsing, a homeowner or property manager may see an offer or promo for new flooring at less than $2 per square foot.

But the special offer sign at Lowes or Home Depot does not capture all of the hidden costs of replacing your existing flooring. Consider the following (often overlooked) flooring replacement costs:

1) Cost of Demo / Removal of Existing Flooring
Removing flooring is manual labor and can sometimes be challenging. Contractors in the Tampa Bay metro area will often charge over $2.00 per square foot just to remove the current flooring.

2) Cost of Repairing Damage to Baseboards and Molding and Repainting: After you or your contractor removes the existing flooring, you might notice areas, such as shoe molding or transitions, that need to be repainted or baseboards / walls that may have been inadvertently damaged during the demo process. While these items can often be repaired inexpensively with a trustworthy handyman or painter, there is still the headache and time of fixing these damaged items / materials.

3) Cost of Plywood Removal and Reinstall: In many cases you will need to install a new plywood sub-floor. The plywood alone for a large kitchen or family room can be over $100.

4) Cost of Installation of New Flooring: Depending on the type of your new flooring, you can expect to pay at least $1.50 per square foot for installation.

5) Cost of Clean: Up Even if a contractor installs a new floor for you, you still have time and cost of cleaning up after the contractor and removing debris and materials that may have been left.

So before you jump to the conclusion that your floor (whether it is stone, tile, terrazzo, or carpet) cannot be salvaged and that your cheapest option is a new floor, please call Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration (Tampa, FL) for a consultation and estimate. Allow our years of experience in the flooring care and restoration industry to help you make a wise financial decision.

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