Carpet vs Tile – The Definitive Pro and Con List

bayshore tampa Carpet vs Tile – The Definitive Pro and Con List

carpet vs tileIf you’re considering flooring options for your home, you have a few choices. Many find themselves torn between two of the most popular options, such as carpet or tile. Both have benefits and both have their downfalls, but some pros outweigh the cons.

Read below to see the most common comparisons between carpet and tile flooring.



1) Less expensive. Compared to certain types of tile and especially hardwood flooring, carpet tends to be less expensive depending on the material it contains. If you want to save money, you can choose between synthetic or natural materials for a significant difference in cost.

2) Creates a warmer atmosphere. Carpet not only adds a “cozier” feel to your home, it acts as an insulator to retain heat in your home. Because of this, carpet has become very popular for spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. In fact, carpet is popular in general: it accounts for over half (51%) of the American flooring market.


1) Harder to clean. To give your carpet the deep clean it needs, you may have to employ costly professional services to clean them. This should be done at least once a year; however, higher traffic areas may need more frequent cleanings. In addition to more maintenance, carpets stain easily compared to other types of flooring. Surfaces such as ceramic tile can be easily wiped down.

2) Shorter lifespan. Because of their propensity to stain and wear easily, carpets have a pretty short lifespan. Some flooring experts recommend replacing carpets every five to ten years. Tile can hold up for a lifetime with occasional tile restoration services.



1) Countless options. When it comes to tile, you have endless options. You can choose less expensive ceramic tile, or something a bit more opulent like marble, terrazzo, or natural stone. The beauty of tile and stone are truly undeniable. Consider something different like travertine or terrazzo for a dining or living room instead of carpet for a more durable, unique option.

2) Easier to clean. Although you will have to deal with grout cleaning, the hard surface of tile is easier to clean than carpet. You can do basic tile floor cleaning yourself with a little know-how and some tricks of the trade and only rely on professional services for the tougher jobs. You can also use all natural cleaning products on tile for excellent results without harsh chemicals.

3) Extremely durable. Tile is a lot tougher than carpet and can handle rigorous wear and tear. Ceramic tile is heat and stain resistant and can be a great option for kitchens and bathrooms. If regularly maintained, tile can last decades, even centuries !


1) Grout can attract stains. Although tile itself is resistant to stains, grout tends to hang on to dirt a bit more if you neglect to use standard tile cleaning products. If grout is an issue, choose larger tiles for thinner grout lines and less cleaning.

2) Things may break if dropped on the surface. Tile is incredibly durable, which is a great selling point. However, delicate things may break if an accident occurs.

There are pros and cons to each type of floor. Cleaning is inevitable, but some surfaces are easier to clean and maintain than others. If you choose to go with tile, count on us for comprehensive, professional tile restoration services for years of beautiful tile and natural stone in your home.

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