FAQ: Terrazzo Restoration, Cleaning, and Myths

bayshore tampa FAQ: Terrazzo Restoration, Cleaning, and Myths

tile cleaningWhen remodeling a home, the homeowner should always invest in quality, durable materials. This includes Terrazzo Restoration and ceramic tile, which accounts for 12.5% of the U.S floor covering dollar sales in 2012.

A popular type of ceramic type is terrazzo.Terrazzo is a floor covering that is made from a mix of epoxy resin and colored chips.They are installed in slabs that are between 1/4 and 3/8 inches thick. This flooring comes with a rich history of reliability that dates back to over 1500 years. If you live in a home with terrazzo tiles, it is imperative you look into terrazzo tile cleaning and terrazzo restoration and polishing to leave your floors looking brand new.

Here are some terrazzo restoration, cleaning and myths FAQ, explained.


Terrazzo tiles are outdated and old fashioned Because of its versatility, terrazzo is a fantastic way to spruce up any floor unit. They can be customized with many different colors, and can include pieces of marble stone, glass or seashells. When properly maintained, Terrazzo flooring shines like marble.

You do not need metal bond diamond grinding for Terrazzo polishing In order to get a quality, long lasting shine, one must use a diamond grinder. Many companies use a sealant as their last step of tile polishing, but this is only superficial and will not protect the floor for more than a year or so.

Restoration and Cleaning FAQ:

What is the best way to clean Terrazzo floors ?

The best way is to have a professional use a diamond abrasive, specially designed polishing compounds, and polishing powders to give the floor a natural shine. Never use a service that promotes crystallization, as this is just a cheaper way to give a sheen to your floor that will lack in clarity.

What does it cost ?

Terrazzo floors typically cost seven to 10 dollars per square foot.

How long does it take ?

Typically, the installation process can take a couple days depending on the amount being installed. You can save time by removing all furniture and other objects in the rooms before the installers arrive.

Is it slippery and dangerous ?

When done correctly, terrazzo that has been carefully polished is far less slippery than when coated with a wax sealant.

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