From Tile Cleaning to Refreshing Your Kitchen This Fall

bayshore tampa From Tile Cleaning to Refreshing Your Kitchen This Fall

tile cleaning tampaSpring may be the traditional time for deep-cleaning your home, but let’s face it: Autumn is when we all head back indoors – and it’s also the time for family gatherings, holiday parties and football feasts. It just makes sense that a little deep-cleaning performed in the fall months can go a long way toward making your home feel cozier for your family and more welcoming for your friends. A thorough cleaning can also help your home look and feel fresher, an essential move once the windows are closed and fresh breezes are replaced recirculated indoor air.

What kinds of tasks should you be thinking about now to help your home put its best foot forward this fall? From carpet and tile cleaning to clearing out your kitchen cabinets, we’ve got the list of must-do chores:

1) Have your carpets deep cleaned. Carpets can hold a lot of dirt and dust which can wreak havoc on allergies and sensitive noses. And they can also harbor a lot of odors. Rent a steam cleaner or hire a service to get them really clean.

2) Clean your range hood filter. The filter can trap a lot of grease as well as a lot of built-in odors. Wash and dry the filter according to the manufacturer’s directions to help your whole kitchen smell fresher.

3) Make tile cleaning a priority. Start with the floors, then move on to the countertops, backsplash, and tub and shower surround too. Tiles and grout can get pretty dingy, and grout can also harbor ugly, smelly mildew, a major allergen. Tile cleaning can be a DIY job, but hiring a tile cleaning company like XYZ makes this tiresome chore a snap, plus it ensures different types of tile – travertine, terrazzo, ceramic, glass, solid surface and natural stone – get the most appropriate care using the highest-quality tile cleaning equipment for the best possible results.

4) Have your upholstery cleaned. Just like your carpets, the fibers of upholstered furniture can hide a lot of unpleasant odors. Having your sofas and chairs cleaned now before the holiday rush is the best way to make sure your home is ready for any upcoming event.

5) Clean out your kitchen cabinets. Holidays and football parties mean lots of cooking. Cleaning your cupboards makes room for all the ingredients you’re going to need, and it’s a great time to weed out expired items.

Deep-cleaning your home sounds like a lot of work, but if you hire the pros to tackle the big, complex tasks and spend a weekend focusing your own efforts on smaller chores, you can be enjoying your clean, fresh home long before those first autumn leaves start to fall. When you’re ready to add expert tile cleaning to your cleaning list, give us a call at Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration and learn how we can help.

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