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travertine tileGranite continues to be an exotic design statement for interior and exterior decor. As a natural forming stone, it is beautiful and enhances the look of any space while contributing to your home’s beauty and elegance. Granite comes to us from quarries all over the world therefore each slab is unique offering originality to each granite owner. Each granite slab is different because of their veining and color characteristics. Granite slabs are even unique from one another even when harvested from the same quarry.

Designers have tabulated hundreds of named colors and patterns for each granite slab. Granite is a distinctive interlocking crystal structure which makes granite extremely strong and provides that natural grainy look. Granite is sturdy elegance that will last a long time if properly maintained.

While granite is very strong it is also very porous. Think of any ordinary clear glass filled with marbles. The space between the marbles is like the pours in your granite countertop. The high definition, mirrored finish shine created during fabrication. Because of its porosity granite is susceptible to damage. Any liquid that is spilled onto granite will immediately penetrate the stone and begin seeping into its pours and settling down in the slab.

Once these liquids are in the stone they cause discoloration and inconsistencies across the surface appearance. Even the natural minerals in water will create cloudiness and cause granite to lose its shine. While many of these spots and stains can be addressed the best remedy is to prevent them from happening in the first place with proper maintenance.

Your granite should be regularly mechanically cleaned, polished and sealed to protect your granite by keeping liquids out of your natural stone. Mechanical cleaning does not scratch the granite but emulsifies and extracts foreign soils. Mechanical polishing is not applying a topical product that can be easily wiped away. But rather a process consistent with the stone’s integrity that maintains the natural shine of the granite. Professional quality sealers fill the pours and create a barrier at or just below the surface. Which thereby does not alter the look of the granite but protects its beautiful appearance.

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