How Can You Clean Marble Countertops ?

bayshore tampa How Can You Clean Marble Countertops ?

Beautiful marble countertops are a great addition to your home’s aesthetics and functionality. With a clean look and a smooth, strong surface, they’re a great option for kitchens and bathrooms alike. However, they have specific characteristics that don’t allow them to be cleaned with just any solution. Read on for tips on cleaning your marble countertops and keeping them shiny.

Do not use anything with acid !

This includes vinegar-based solutions, lemon juice and even bleach. All of these can affect the marble’s porous surface and etch into it, causing the stone to gradually eat away. This is irreversible, so be sure to avoid acidic cleaners from the get-go !

Mix mild soap and water.

There’s no stain on marble that soap and water can’t immediately remove. Marble responds to a simple mixture of mild soap and water, so a daily wipe down is effective at keeping your countertops looking and feeling clean.

Make your marble shine.

There are products on the market designated for only marble, and these are specifically formulated to make your countertops glow. Use these treatments as needed and your marble will stay in great condition !

If your marble is beyond repair, contact Bayshore Cleaning and Restoration today. We can clean, hone, polish and seal your marble countertops to perfection and make them shine again !

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