How Often Should Florida Homeowners and Property Managers Polish Their Floors ?

bayshore tampa How Often Should Florida Homeowners and Property Managers Polish Their Floors ?

bayshore cleaningA common question that we receive is how often should floors be polished given the high humidity and heat present in the State of Florida. Of course, the answer depends on how much traffic the floors receive as well as type of floor traffic. But assuming normal traffic, the general floor maintenance recommendations below would apply.

Hard-surface floors tend to lose their polished sheen over time, usually from consistent foot traffic wearing it down. In addition to the normal maintenance of having your floors cleaned on a regular basis and sealed periodically, many home-owners re-polish their floors in order to bring out the original glossy shine that it had upon original installation. The amount of time that floor polish lasts greatly depends on what type of floor you have.


The most effective way to bring out the original shine on a marble tile floor is by using diamond pads to re-burnish the stone. Where chemicals do exist that restore the marble’s sheen, they are usually designed to restore small areas rather than your entire floor. So long as the floor continues to be properly cleaned and correctly sealed, this dry re-burnishing is usually done every 12-18 months.


Recently, terrazzo floors have been rising in popularity, especially in the Tampa, FL metro area, due to several factors, which include: low maintenance cost, long life, and new polishing techniques. Generally, the polish job on a terrazzo floor in Florida lasts about 7-10 years, provided that they are consistently resealed every 5 years.


Many FL home-owners are accustomed to a weekly cleaning process for their hardwood floors, using dust-mops and washable microfiber pads. However, in order to bring out a vibrant shine to your hardwood, we recommend using water-based polishes to restore the luster. Typically, it is advised to re-polish your wood floors every 3-4 months.


Travertine is tricky in that it can come in many different finishes. The most common would be a honed finish, which provides you with a matte texture. More textured finishes include brushed and tumbled, and often times the travertine is left in its natural state for these options.

Finally, the polished finish offers a shiny veneer, albeit not as glossy as polished granite or marble. Due to the complex nature of travertine, it is recommended to contact a professional cleaning and restoration company (such as Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration) to inspect and offer a floor restoration solution that works best for you.

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