How Often Should You Clean Your Tile and Grout ?

bayshore tampa How Often Should You Clean Your Tile and Grout ?

A house that has tiles looks unique and beautiful. However, for the tiles to look as good as new even after a few years, you need to maintain your tiles. Just as you clean other things in your house like clothes, so should you clean your tiles and grout. Grout is just but a small aspect of the tiles. However, if you don’t learn how to clean it, you will regret ever having tiles in your home. Once the grout gets into contact with dirt, it makes the entire house look dirty.

So, how often should you clean your tiles and grout? To have your home looking neat, you need to clean the tile grout at least once per day. You don’t have to scrub the floors every day necessarily; you can just wipe them. If you have tiles in your bathroom, make sure you wipe it dry after use to avoid forming mold and mildew. And as for the kitchen counters that are tiled, use a wet sponge to wipe it every day. In so doing, you get to eliminate any food debris that may form on the grout.

As for your surfaces or the floor, you can do a weekly routine. Use a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide to wipe the surfaces. Also, you can scrub the floors to remove any dirt that may prove difficult to remove. However, if the stains are too hard to remove or the grout is showing debris spots, you can use a coating sealer. Once you clean the tiles on a daily or a weekly basis depending on your preference, you will be surprised how long your tiles and grout can stay in good shape.

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