How Often Should You Seal Your Granite Countertops ?

bayshore tampa How Often Should You Seal Your Granite Countertops ?

graniteGranite countertops are a great investment for upgrading the appearance of your kitchen and home overall. Granite lasts for decades, it can look and function as well as it did on day one with proper cleaning and sealing. Proper maintenance and cleaning is key to ensuring the lifespan of your quality countertops.

Sealing Granite

Granite needs to be re-sealed in regular 6 months to 1 year intervals. Re-sealing your countertops will help retain its smooth surface and keep it well protective. If you use harsh chemicals on the granite it may weaken the sealant or start wearing it away which will mean your countertops will need to be re-sealed more often.

A good way to test your seal is to drop a few droplets of water on your countertop and wait a couple of minutes to see what happens. If you find the droplets are gone, they have absorbed into your granite and it is time to re-seal your countertops.


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