How Tampa Homeowners Can Get a Quick Price Quote to Clean Grout

bayshore tampa How Tampa Homeowners Can Get a Quick Price Quote to Clean Grout

Step 1: Measure the size of the room where you want to clean your grout

Step 2: Take multiple photos of the floor of the room where you want grout cleaning. Please be sure to take a few close up photos of the grout. If there are any particularly bad or stained areas of grout, please take a photo of those areas which will require special attention or cleaning.

clean grout

Step 3: Determine if any areas of your floor need repair or new tile prior to grout cleaning. If some floor or tile repair is required, please contact us to determine the best course of action prior to either grout cleaning or sealing.

Step 4: Use the online form below to submit your tile and grout restoration project details, which should include the following:

1) Name
2) Property Address
3) Email
4) Phone

3 Upcoming Preferred Dates for Grout Cleaning Room or Project Name Dimensions of Floor that Requires Grout Cleaning Upload up to 10 photos of the grout you would like cleaned Additional Comments or Special Instructions.

“A fine and thorough job.”

“The tile and grout were cleaned throughout our home. David did a fine and thorough job on tile and grout that had not been cleaned for many years. It looks lovely now. – Nancy W. from Oldsmar, FL”

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