Looking For New Floors ? 3 Reasons Why Going Hard is Going Right !

bayshore tampa Looking For New Floors ? 3 Reasons Why Going Hard is Going Right !

looking for new floorsWhen it comes to remodeling or building your home, one major issue that always comes up is what kind of flooring material to use. Carpet? Wool? Hardwood? Ceramic? Terrazzo? There are just so many to choose from, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Recent data has shown that generally, hard surface materials such as hardwood, tiles, and stone are more popular than soft surfaces like carpet.

In 2011, for example, 67% of homeowners used hard surface materials for their renovation projects. In terms of total wholesale sales of flooring material, hardwood makes up 10.4%, ceramic makes up 12.5%, and vinyl makes up 12.6%. When remodeling a kitchen, nine out of 10 homeowners prefer hard surface materials. Whether it be sheet or tile, hard surface materials have had an enduring popularity in the United States.

Why are hard surfaces so popular ? There are several reasons, but to give you a better idea why, here are three prominent ones:

They Can Increase the Value of Your House: Because hard surfaces are so popular, home buyers are more likely to spend more on a house with hard floors. Installing a new hardwood floor in your home, for example, can yield a return on investment of up to 200%.

They Last a Lifetime: If properly maintained and cleaned, hard floors can last for decades – or even centuries! Wood, tile, and stone materials are known for their resiliency, something their softer counterparts could improve on.

They're Easy to Clean: They're not “easy” to clean necessarily, but compared to carpet, which is known for collecting dust, filth, and other particles over time, hardwood and tile cleaning is more manageable due to its flat surface and structural makeup.

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