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marble honingFew natural materials have similar longevity and variety as marble does. Used in landmarks such as Versailles and the Taj Mahal, marble is an elegant and naturally beautiful choice for flooring and decorative elements in your home or business. To keep marble looking pristine, it’s imperative to keep the marble polished and sealed. On a weekly basis, hot water should be used to clean the surface. If it is very dirty, a mop and water-ammonia combination will do the trick. One cup of ammonia to five gallons of water will be enough to clean the marble but not degrade the shine.

Marble is a calcareous stone so it’s sensitive to acidic cleaning products; don’t overdo the ammonia as this is a highly acidic product by itself. In the winter months in colder climates, cleaning should be more frequent as the materials used to melt snow are more harmful than everyday dirt and debris.

Polished marble is more resilient to spills and stains than honed surfaces, but spills should still be whipped up immediately following the accident. Use a towel or mop with hot water. Do not use acidic or generic household cleaning products as these will damage the polish. Especially damaging spills include:

1) Grease
2) Cooking oil
3) Coffee, tea
4) Milk
5) Alcohol
6) Cosmetics
7) Ink, pens
8) Rust
9) Paint

If any of these stains have appeared on the marble, a poultice can be made or purchased to remove the stain. About one pound of poultice will cover one square foot, and be sure the mixture is 1/4 to 1/2 inches thick spread over the stain. Cover the area with plastic and let it sit for at least 24 hours, then allow it to finish drying uncovered for another 24 hours. After this, clean the poultice with distilled water and buff dry with a cloth. If the stain is not gone, it may take several more treatments to completely remove the stain.

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