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bayshore tampa Professional Couch Cleaning in Tampa FL

couch cleaningSimilar to other items in your home, couches will last longer when they are properly maintained. Clean furniture will keep children and pets hygienic and safe from germs and other debris; and stains, scratches, and marks will inevitably appear over time even with careful use. In homes that are mostly carpet, dust, pollen, food crumbs, and dirt will end up on the couch and other pieces of furniture, and frequent use will only make it worse.

You can try to remove these blemishes on your own, but you risk the chance of further damaging the piece. Immediate spot treatments or preventative measures can be done at home, but a deep clean can only be provided by a specialist. A deep clean removes spots that are not visible to the human eye like skin oils and dead skin. Instead of replacing or reupholstering the couch, a professional couch cleaning service will cost much less and is more convenient.

Manufacturers recommend cleaning furniture every 24-48 months using a professional service. Professional cleaners are specialists in this field, so the furniture will only look newer and better than before the service. Prior to getting your furniture cleaned, make sure to clear the clutter around and on the piece.

After the area is clean, move the furniture a few feet away from walls or any other items. Each clean should be even and thorough, which includes the backside or any parts normally facing the wall. After the professional service is complete, couches usually take a couple of hours to dry but can take up to 24 hours depending on the material and room climate.

It's also important to note some of the additional costs associated with cleaning services: leather and suede couches tend to cost more due to their fragile nature, along with reclining and movable pieces that are more complex to completely clean. Transportation, labor and materials can all add to the bill; so if you want to avoid any surprises you should request a quote before the service is performed.

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