New Construction Marble Damage Repaired

Newly Installed Marble Damaged

Unlike most of our marble restoration jobs, where we hone and polish etches, fine scratches, and other damage that occurs with regular use over the course of time, our client was a contractor who had just completed a new construction job in Thonotosassa, Florida, including 7000 square feet of marble flooring. Unfortunately, after the floor was installed, the contractor neglected to put ram board down to protect the floor during the rest of the construction process, and the marble floor incurred severe scratches.

Our Marble Restoration Process

First, we masked and protected the walls, baseboards, and cabinets surrounding our work area. Then, we diamond honed the marble to remove the scratches and polished to restore the factory-finish, high-gloss shine. The contractor was very pleased with the results and relieved that he was able to avoid the costly expense of replacement.

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