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bayshore tampa Rejuvenate your carpet with Steam Carpet Cleaning !

steam carpet cleaningYou love the carpet at your home or office because of the luxury and comfort that it provides. Keeping your carpet clean will ensure that it gives you all the comfort for a long time. Your carpet, while being the largest piece of interior decor in any room, is also the largest filter which traps dust and other air born particulates. Therefore, the way your carpet is cleaned is essential for it to provide you and those most important to you a healthy living or work space environment.

Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration’s hot water extraction carpet cleaning (also known as steam carpet cleaning) is the most thorough method available today to clean and rejuvenate your carpet. Our method and equipment employs key proven steps that ensure the best results for a cleaner and healthier carpet. Our detergents break down and loosen the dirt and soil that cause traffic lanes and discoloring of your carpets.

Our equipment produces water temperatures above 200 degrees guaranteeing to kill any foreign bacteria. Your carpets are then rinsed with rinsing agents that leave your carpet clean and free of any residue. Finally, the powerful vacuum equipment pulls all the dirt, detergent and excess moisture from the carpet and enables it to dry quickly so that you can resume your lifestyle soon after !

Companies that use portable machines can’t generate hot water temperatures necessary to kill bacteria. their vacuum is not strong enough to remove the moisture from the carpet thus your carpets remain wet far beyond what you expected. Other dry cleaning methods only neutralize the soil in your carpets so that the they look clean but there has not been any extraction or removal of soil from your home or environment. The dirt often remains behind even after their carpet cleaner is gone.

“Professional, courteous and did a great job Steam cleaned two bedrooms. David did a great job. He was at the house waiting for me at the appointed time. He was professional, courteous and did a great job cleaning some pretty rough looking carpets. – Lee C. from South Tampa”

Now the question is: are your carpets “Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration clean ?” Join many others who have been exceedingly pleased by our professional carpet cleaning service in Tampa !

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