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Don’t let your Carpet become a Giant Trap for Dirt & Bacteria – Let the Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration Team Give it a Deep, Refreshing Clean!

    Your carpet catches and absorbs dander, bacteria and other pollutants daily. Regular vacuuming is imperative to maintaining your carpet, but it cannot reach deep within the carpet fibers to remove substances that get trapped and cause premature wear, allergy problems, odors and an unsightly appearance. The professional technicians at Bay Shore, Cleaning and Restoration in Tampa, can restore the cleanliness and beauty of your carpets using powerful, hot water extraction.

    Why Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration?

    We take our time to do the job thoroughly. This includes vacuuming, spot or stain removal, pre-treatment, deep-cleaning, post-spot removal, and protective treatment. The best part is that we offer these services at competitive prices! We serve the entire Tampa Bay area.

    Advanced Pre-Cleaning Services for Optimal Results

    Before we deep clean your carpet, our technicians will perform a series of preparatory services to ensure the best result. The first step is a thorough vacuuming to remove ground-in particles. We use commercial-grade vacuums featuring powerful beater brushes for this purpose. After assessing and treating stains and spots, we then spray a non-toxic detergent that immediately begins breaking down and neutralizing the contaminants attached to your carpet fibers. We allow the appropriate dwell time (soaking) and then use specialized grooming tools to agitate the carpet and loosen additional particles so they can be removed.

    Tampa’s Most Effective Hot Water Extraction Cleaning System

    You may have seen Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration’s carpet cleaning trucks in your neighborhood. These trucks contain equipment that delivers water at more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit – about the same temperature as boiling water on your stove! Detergent is applied to your carpet, rinsed while using a special hot water pressure system and then extracted (along with all the contaminants) with the use of high-powered vacuum equipment ensuring that your carpet is clean and dry. During our process, rinsing agents are used to neutralize the detergents that were applied ensuring that there is not any residue that remains and that the carpet is soft and comfortable. All the chemicals and detergents that are used during our service are harmless to your pets, family and home environment and are sensitive to your health. Rejuvenate your carpet with our hot water extraction carpet services today!

    Comprehensive Spot Cleaning

    Many carpet cleaning companies in Tampa race from job to job without much concern for the quality of the work their clients ultimately receive. Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration is not one of these companies. Our technicians take the time on each project to perform a final walk-through to identify any spots requiring additional work. We will apply the proper treatment to any problem areas, according to the type of carpet fiber and stain involved. In the unlikely event of severe permanent staining, our technicians will discuss the situation with you and present your options. As you will see, every member of our team is determined to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

    Protecting Your Carpet Between Cleanings

    Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Company in Tampa FL

    At Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration, we want you and your family to relax and enjoy your newly cleaned carpet without the constant worry of a spill or other accident. That is why we offer protective treatments by 3M Scotchgard and Dupont Teflon. Many of our Tampa customers choose to have our technicians apply these treatments following the cleaning. The treatment creates an invisible layer that repels liquids and protects against spills and stains. It is one more way Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration provides peace of mind when it comes to the condition of your carpet.


    Want Longer Lasting Furniture & Upholstery? Call The Pros For Your Next Upholstery Cleaning!

    Immediate spot treatments or preventative measures can be done at home, but a deep clean can only be provided by a specialist. A deep clean removes spots that are not visible to the human eye (like skin oils and dead skin) which will enhance the look and feel and performance of the fabric. This is why manufacturers recommend cleaning the furniture every 24-48 months using a professional service. Instead of replacing or reupholstering your couch, a professional upholstery cleaning service will cost much less and is more convenient. Professional cleaners are specialists in the field so the furniture will only look and feel newer and better than before the service.

    It’s also important to note some of the additional costs associated with cleaning services: leather and suede couches tend to cost more due to their fragile nature, along with reclining and movable pieces that are more complex to completely clean. Transportation, labor, and materials can all add to the bill; so if you want to avoid any surprises, you should request a quote before the service is performed. At Bay Shore Cleaning, we perform professional upholstery cleaning services for customers in the Tampa area. We will follow up with a phone call after every job is completed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Check out our reviews on Google.

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