Granite Restoration

Granite Restoration

Professional Granite Services in Tampa FL

Granite Restoration Services

Granite, one of the world’s hardest materials, is a stone of choice for kitchen countertops and flooring not only because it is gorgeous, but because it is resistant to acidic liquids from juice and vinegar and it is very durable, and easy to maintain. Even so, granite is not impervious to getting dull over time.

    If your granite is dirty or dull-looking, scratched, or otherwise damaged, we can make it look brand new again!
    Much harder than marble, granite is a rugged and resilient stone that requires specialized knowledge and equipment to restore. We understand granite’s unyielding personality and have the right tools and techniques to get it looking its absolute best once more. From minor services like having your granite floors or granite countertops polished to major services like a complete restoration, our professional technicians can perform these services for you.

    Granite Cleaning

    Granite cleaning processes vary based on the surface condition and type of dirt, oil or other contaminant needing to be removed. Granite is easier to keep clean with periodic professional deep cleaning services with non-acidic, highly-effective cleaning detergents and polishes. We can assist you in cleaning, polishing and sealing your granite surfaces and keeping your granite properly maintained so that it looks as beautiful as it did the day it was installed.

    Granite Polishing

    An uneven finish or dull spots can diminish the elegant appearance of your granite. We can polish your granite using granite-specific equipment and supplies to restore the finish to its original beauty. Our expert granite polishing services can achieve a gorgeous, glass-like polish.

    Granite Honing

    Do your granite floors or countertops have dull areas, wear patterns or scratches? We can hone and polish your granite surfaces to eliminate these imperfections, resulting in a new granite surface free of damage. With our granite honing services, our expert technicians can achieve a honed or soft matte finish that is warm and inviting or the classic high gloss shine.

    Granite Sealing

    Once your granite floors or countertops are restored, we highly recommend sealing your granite to maintain its stain resistance. Natural stone is porous and granite is no exception. Left unsealed, there’s always a risk that it will absorb spilled staining agents, discoloring your beautiful stone. Most granite stains can be removed, but granite stain removal can be time consuming, expensive and often frustrating. Having your granite countertops, floors, or other surfaces sealed provides an inexpensive way to help prevent granite staining damage.

    Lippage Removal

    Uneven tiles don’t just diminish the look of your floors, they can also create a trip hazard. Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration can grind away the excess stone (a process called lippage removal) to create a flat, level surface using diamond honing technology. This can also be done to bring all tiles more level with grout lines to facilitate easier cleaning.

    Granite Stain Removal

    Our professional technicians are experts in removing discolorations and stains on granite. The original color of your granite can most likely be restored.

    Keeping Your Granite Looking Great

    We can restore dull-looking granite. Our expert technicians can hone and polish, and seal your countertops, floors, and other surfaces to a beautiful matte/satin or glossy, reflective finish. Ask us about our regularly scheduled maintenance services so your granite floors and other granite surfaces can look great all the time.

    Caring for Your Granite

    At Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration, we can instruct you on the proper care you should use in cleaning your granite on a regular basis. We offer a full line of Care Products to assure you are using the proper cleaning product that will help keep your granite surfaces looking elegant.

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