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Expert Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood floors add beauty and warmth to your home, but when ground-in dirt, scuff marks and general wear and tear take their toll, their appearance is diminished. Perhaps you purchased a Tampa home built during a past decade when hardwood flooring was standard for home construction.


You may not even have realized that you have wood floors until you pulled up carpeting and found it hidden there. Whether you inherited hardwood with your home or installed it yourself, eventually your floors will become dull and lifeless looking. When that happens, it’s time for professional restoration services. In less time than you think, Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration can restore the luster to your wood floor.

Time To Refinish?

Although polyurethane finishes eliminate the need for waxing and actually reduce maintenance costs, they don’t last forever. If it’s been at least ten years since your wood floors have been refinished, or they just don’t look as good as they once did, don’t wait. Depending on foot traffic, finishes that are worn out cannot protect dirt, debris and moisture from damaging your floors.

Intensive Hardwood Cleaning and Re-coating

In most situations, a hardwood floor doesn’t even need to be sanded, stained and refinished. Your wood floor may have become dull or hazy looking because of dirt trapped in the pores of the wood or because of wood floor polishing products that are acrylic or wax based. These products temporarily create a temporary deep luster, but after some time they turn hazy. Our intensive, low-moisture, three-step cleaning process removes the wax polish and the dirt embedded in the pores of the wood and leaves the wood planks looking clean, fresh, and inviting. On occasion, after the hardwood has been cleaned it may need to be recoated with a finish, but in most cases after our intensive cleaning system the floor is gorgeous as-is without having to do anything further.

Hardwood Sanding, Staining and Finishing Services

Hardwood floors are not only beautiful, they are also very durable. Therefore, in most situations the hardwood floor may only require light sanding, also known as screening, to remove light scratches or dull areas that have developed in finish but not the wood itself. On some floors, this can be completed in sections without having to service the entire floor. This awards you a major savings while providing you with a floor that looks like new. And should your wood floor need to be completely sanded down to raw wood, stained and refinished, we can provide these expert services and restore your wood floor to its original beauty.

Our Hardwood Floor Services – A Wise Investment

The first time you lay eyes on your newly refinished hardwood, you won’t believe the difference. The old faded surface you remember will be transformed into a warm, rich, deep wood surface that reflects light beautifully. We know there are other companies offering hardwood refinishing services in the Tampa Bay area, but we are confident you will not find a better value and better results elsewhere.

If you are in the Tampa, FL area and need your hardwood floors maintained or refinished, contact us online or call today (813) 609-8661 for a free estimate.