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bayshore tampa Shower Tile Cleaning Tips for Florida Homeowners, Property Managers, and Hotel Operators

tile cleaningShower tiles often erode over time due to soap scum, harsh cleaners, hard water stains, and other environmental factors. Your shower is used a lot, and therefore the tiles tend to deteriorate if they are not cleaned or maintained properly. Consider these tips below to best protect your shower tiles and eliminate uncleanliness so your shower will be both hygienic and sparkling.

Scrub Soap Scum Regularly Off Shower Tiles

Arguably the biggest frustration that FL homeowners and property managers have with their shower are the hard water stains and soap scum that builds up on their shower tiles. These stains regularly happen because most homes in Florida tap into city water, which is usually pretty high in its hardness level. Hard water is water with a high mineral content, and therefore has more “stuff" to leave behind on our surfaces. When hard water mixes together with soap, and is left to sit for a while, a chemical reaction takes place leaving a thin white film we colloquially refer to as “soap scum". Here in Tampa, we have one of the higher hard water levels, at 300 parts per million. This hardness level isn't necessarily bad for our health in any way, but it can cause us some frustration if our showers are left unattended for a period of time.

If you see soap scum beginning to build up on your shower tiles, the first step is rigorous scrubbing. Before you use any cleaning products, take a dry cleaning pad and scrub those water stains and soap scum buildup thoroughly. After you have dry-scrubbed the tile, use your preferred tub or tile cleaner and let the products soak there for a minute or two. This allows the chemicals in the cleaning product to begin eating away at the soap scum that is latching onto the tile or stone. Then use the cleaning pad again to continue scrubbing until all the scum and stains are gone. Rinse with hot water afterwards and dry with a clean towel.

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