Six Facts About Travertine Tile

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Travertine is one of the most popular tile materials on the market today. Used as a building material since the Roman empire, it is now most commonly used for floors, walls, and backsplashes. It is a beautiful material that has more of a classic, rustic look to it that will fit in with just about any decor.

Travertine is a low-maintenance material that doesn’t require too much tile cleaning. One of the advantages of travertine tile flooring is that it is less slippery when wet, and provides a better grip.

You may have heard of travertine before, but have you actually seen it? Would you be able to identify it if you saw it? Here are some facts about the general appearance of travertine.

Six More Fun Facts About Travertine

1) One of the more unique characteristics about travertine is that it has naturally occurring holes and troughs on its surface, which are a result of the way the stone forms over time.
2) The size of these holes determines whether the stone is a premium, commercial or select cut. As a general rule, the smaller the hole, the more premium the cut of travertine.
3) Travertine generally comes in a variety of natural colors, mainly white, tan, brown, cream and gold. You can also find some travertine in varying shades of red, pink and orange. In some cases, there are black veins running through the travertine.
4) Travertine is produced in many different styles, such as honed, tumbled, polished, brushed, saw cut and chiseled edge.
The most common sizes for modern travertine tile are 4″x4″, 6″x6″, 12″x12″, and 18″x18″, as well as tile trim pieces.
5) One of the best features of travertine is that it can be used inside or outside. It can also be used by itself, or as a decorative piece incorporated with granite, marble, ceramic, or porcelain tile.

Travertine is a beautiful stone that will add an extra touch of class to any home. The best way to keep your travertine floors looking their best is with regular tile and grout cleaning. Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration can handle any travertine cleaning, travertine polishing, travertine repair that is necessary. Contact us today to make your travertine tile floors look as good as new !

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