Stone And Tile Flooring: 2015 Trends Favor Stylish, Eco-Friendly Options

bayshore tampa Stone And Tile Flooring: 2015 Trends Favor Stylish, Eco-Friendly Options

bayshore tampa

While carpet sales make up just over half (51%) of the flooring industry, that means that other materials – such as tile and stone – play an equally important role in the industry and in our homes. The problem is, when it comes to stone and tile, relatively few people know what cuts, styles, textures, and colors suit rooms best. Here are a few trends to help you select stone or tile that is practical and stylish:

Sophisticated Flooring Can Be Inexpensive And Environmentally Friendly Tiles or natural stone with a mosaic sort of look are popular right now – and that gives you several different choices. Many manufacturers are offering tiles with recycled glass, stone, and metals tossed in. Terrazzo, for example, often consists of pieces of quartz, marble, glass, or granite. Although it is typically used for commercial applications, more homeowners are opting for terrazzo countertops or terrazzo flooring in foyers.

Why are more homeowners choosing this material ?

In addition to being an eco-friendly option (terrazzo floors with 100% recycled glass can be made out of 75% recycled material in total), terrazzo also has a great deal of history -dating back more than 1,500 years. When homeowners select new floors, they should be aware of the differences between terrazzo cleaning, granite polishing, and ceramic tile cleaning, for example. Many experts recommend sealing terrazzo floors to protect against stains, taking care of spills right away, and using a dry dust mop for maintenance and terrazzo cleaning.

The Unlikely And Popular Tile Choice

According to a national survey, 95% of homeowners prefer hardwood in common areas, like the living room. What does hardwood have to do with tile? Lately, everything. Many homeowners are opting for tiles that mimic the appearance of hardwood – while also being considerably less expensive and easier to clean.

What are the best stone and tile options ?

For a sophisticated and eco-friendly option, weigh the pros and cons of terrazzo and terrazzo cleaning. For an inexpensive and easy-to-maintain option, choose tiles that look like hardwood.

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