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Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida. With its warm climate, homeowners in the bay area can enjoy a variety of stone tile floorings such as marble, travertine, limestone, granite, and slate. These stone materials can also be enjoyed as interior and exterior countertops and vanities. Wherever you may be enjoying these surfaces in your home they need regular professional service to avoid inconvenient and expensive restoration costs.
After all, who doesn’t want to come home and enjoy sparkling floors and gleaming countertops, but with everyone’s busy schedule it’s easy to neglect them and over time they look dull and worn. Call us today at 813-609-8661.

Have you been disappointed by hiring the wrong cleaning company?
Many companies will trick you with quick and inexpensive methods such as crystallizers, waxes, and topical sealers but these inferior options will prove to cost you more in the long term and will prevent your stone from looking as good as it did when you selected it for your home or office.

At Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration we’ve provided the Tampa FL area with professional floor and surface cleaning services since 2009. Our custom hand-crafted service maintains your stone surfaces to its original designed look and feel. With an astounding rating on Google Reviews, we’re doing something right!
Call us today at 813-609-8661.

Are You Fed Up With Unreliable Service Providers?
If you want something done right do it yourself, right? Don’t spend your valuable time watching D.I.Y. YouTube videos and end up on your hands and knees trying to clean and polish your natural stone floors or clean the stubborn dirt from your grout. Call us today so you can enjoy your gorgeous floors not slave over them.
We provide solutions! Call us today 813-609-8661.
We clean natural stone floors such as:

No Harsh Chemicals Ever Used and Best of All, No Dust!
What’s even better is that we do ALL our cleaning and restoration without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals. At Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration we are not relying on sealers with their harmful VOC’s or crystallizers to create the reflection so there are never any hazardous materials being introduced to your living or work environment. We employ the wet honing & polishing method so there is never any dust. And we protect your walls and furnishings, so you don’t have to clean up after us. So, get out and play in Tampa. Get in a round of golf, take the dogs to the beach, the kids to the park, or just lounge in your hammock while we take that dull appearance and bring it back to it’s natural beauty.  Call 813-609-8661.

We Do Hardwood Floors Too
While Bay Shore Cleaning does do a lot of natural stone surfaces – we are masters of working with hardwood flooring – making it the pristine showpiece it should be. but not always is.

Wood flooring is gorgeous, and it does perform very well for years. Dirt will get embedded into the pores of the surface and become too difficult to remove with general housekeeping. Also, wood floor polishes like Bona, Orange Glow, and others can cause dullness because of a wax build-up on the surface. Once the wood floor polishes are applied, they look great for a little while but will absorb and retain dirt and moisture and look dull. So, another application of polish is applied to rejuvenate the appearance. Now there is a build-up that can’t be removed. We used a low moisture cleaning method that removes all the wax and dirt from the wood and restores the wood to its original look and feel. Enjoy the look and feel of your wood floors with no more dirty feet! Call today. 813-609-8661

You Will Say, “Wow” All Over Again…
Because it will be like night and day, the difference between your faded, tired floors, to the now beautiful and rich colors of the clean and freshly sealed wood. And when people come to visit you in Tampa Fl, they will simply be amazed at the sleek, glossy, lively warmth of your natural hardwood floors. All you have to do is bask in your guest’s delight knowing all that the hard work was all taken care of quickly and affordably.
Cleaning, polishing and restoring and working with stone tile floors, wood floors, countertops, tile and grout, carpet and upholstery it’s very clear that cleaning is a passion with us. We want you to enjoy your household home, not toil endlessly to keep it looking good!

Especially when dealing with tile & grout and  cleaning porcelain tiles, especially the plank tiles that mimic wood flooring are very textured. This surface traps dirt and it is very difficult to get clean with steam mops and stick vacuums. Grout is a porous material and over time it will absorb and retain dirt causing permanent inconsistencies and discoloration throughout your flooring. We are very thorough at cleaning tile and grout. Did your installer leave grout haze allover the floor? We can remove grout haze easily as well. ASK US ABOUT COLOR SEALING! After many years the grout can’t be cleaned to look as it did when it was brand new because the dirt is in the grout not just sitting on top. We also provide color sealing. This will give your grout a permanent brand-new look and give your flooring a brand-new appearance all over again! Call 813-609-8661.

No matter how much you vacuum and try to clean spots or get rid of traffic trails in the carpeting, the carpet still catches and absorbs dander and other debris daily. Avoid premature wear and tear, irritating allergy
problems, or with this humidly in Tampa FL, having unsavory odors from pets. Give us a call. Our professional
technicians can restore your carpet’s beauty and life in one day service! We always give in-home estimates and we can show you how our carpet and other furniture cleaning services can restore your home into your pride and joy. Call 813-609-8661. So, go ahead, sit back, put your feet up, have some ice cream, we’ll get the job done.

No Job Too Big Or Small
At Bay Shore, we handle every type of job, so if you’re unsure how to tackle your project just give
us a call as and we’d be happy to help you figure it out with custom estimates tailored to your needs.
We provide a full range of fine floor cleaning services for Tampa area residents. We can handle just about any kind of floor cleaning needed including:
Stone Natural stone tile flooring
Tile & Grout
Carpet & Upholstery

And, we’ve made it so simple! Just to the right of this page click on the red contact us, and fill out our contact form to request a quote! You can get the process started in under a minute!

Did We Leave Anything Out?
If so call us at 813.609.8661
We’ll be glad to address any questions that you may have. Don’t be one of those households that keeps tolerating
your floors and surfaces because you think nothing can be done. Instead, trust Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration to get
the job done right so you can enjoy your home and free up your time to do the things that you love.
All that will be left for you to do when you come home will be to say, “Wow!”

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