The Homeowner’s DIY Guide To Travertine Tile Cleaning

bayshore tampa The Homeowner’s DIY Guide To Travertine Tile Cleaning

Travertine Tile CleaningRecently, Americans have been discovering the beauty and benefits of natural stone flooring, like terrazzo and travertine tiles. These natural stone materials don’t act as a magnet for dust and allergens the way carpet does, and they last much, much longer than hardwood or laminate flooring. In fact, when properly cared for, travertine and terrazzo flooring can last for centuries.

Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up, manage a commercial building with travertine murals, or purchased a home with tile flooring, you’ll have to take special care when it comes to travertine tile cleaning. Today, 90% of homeowners prefer either tile or hardwood flooring in kitchens. Travertine tiles provide a sophisticated, classic architectural flourish, but this stonework also needs to be regularly cleaned, polished, and sealed regularly.

Why is Travertine So Popular Today ?

In most parts of the United States, you’ll have trouble finding architecture that dates back any further than the 20th century. But as one of the first settled regions in the country, Florida is home to a number of historic buildings dating back to the 17th century. Florida has a rich architectural history, with strong Spanish and European influences. Thats why you’ll find so much natural stone like terrazzo and travertine tiles. These tiles will last centuries, but only when properly maintained.

For those looking to save money on travertine tile cleaning, it can be tempting to avoid the professional tile restoration services here in Tampa, Florida. So without further ado, heres our number one tip for DIY travertine tile cleaning and restoration:

The #1 Tip for DIY Travertine Tile Cleaning ?

Don’t Do It Yourself ! Unless you’re an experienced home improvement professional with experience performing tile floor restoration, you’re more likely to damage your floor than restore it. Yes, homeowners should absolutely clean their floor like they would any other area of their home. Just remember: generic cleaning products will severely damage travertine !

Acidic cleaning products, citrus, vinegar, and ammonia will etch and damage these tiles. You should dust your floor tiles weekly, and avoid vacuum cleaners if possible. For more thorough cleaning, a soft cloth and warm water should get the job done.

But for more advanced travertine polishing, sealing, and restoration:

Use a Professional Travertine Tile Cleaning Service Every One to Two Years

Travertine is a porous material, meaning that it’s naturally filled with empty pockets of air. Before it’s used in a home or mosaic, these pockets are filled with a topical sealant, which is then polished to perfection. Over time, these protections fade away.

That’s why most homeowners here in Tampa trust professional tile floor cleaning services when it comes to travertine. A single 12 x 12-inch tile in a travertine mosaic usually weights up to 5 pounds, and even though it’s famous for its durability, certain common cleaning materials can seriously damage the stone. Terrazzo has been used by architects for more than 1,500 years, while the Romans built many of their most famous structures using travertine. You’ll even find travertine in the exterior ribs on the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.

If your tile flooring has lost its shine, then there’s only so much that you can do yourself.

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