Travertine Polishing Floor Tips

bayshore tampa Travertine Polishing Floor Tips

travertine polishingRegular maintenance is an essential part of travertine polishing and keeping your travertine looking glossy and clean. Here are some travertine polishing tips to get your floor looking shiny once again.

Food and drink spills and various chemicals used on travertine can dull the stone surface. Before this occurs, a good rule of thumb to follow is to use coasters on countertops or mats on tables where any spill or stain could potentially occur and damage your floor. Did you know that travertine is sensitive to acidic liquids like coffee or wine? Any coffee or wine spill should be cleaned immediately to avoid the damage it can cause to your floor or tiled area. The best way to clean these spills is to blot a sponge or a soft cloth with hot water and a mild polishing liquid.

A quick and easy way to clean your travertine floor is to first sweep to remove any dirt and debris from the floor with dry dust mopping. Then, to properly wash the travertine, use a mild cleaner with a neutral PH level that is also soapless. Polished stone should be cleaned with a mild liquid to prevent any streaks on the polish.

Follow the directions of the cleaning solution and wipe the cleaner from the bottom up in a vertical motion to give your floor a bright shine once again. Be sure to never use an strong acid or chemical when caring for your floor because travertine is a part of the limestone family.

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