Travertine Tile Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Tampa Homeowners & Property Managers

bayshore tampa Travertine Tile Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Tampa Homeowners & Property Managers

travertine tileTravertine is a natural stone that has been used throughout history to enhance the beauty of buildings and homes. Because of its unique characteristics, travertine offers a variety of finished designs that not only beautify any space but can be the standout design feature on its own.

Travertine is a limestone that is formed in wet soil or under water and during formation CO2 bubbles are trapped in the stone. These bubbles cause cavities and indentations in the stone that create its unique appearance and versatility during fabrication and enable travertine to provide several design options. Chiseled edged travertine provides a rustic look reminiscent of the old world and is usually seen set in a French pattern while tumbled and polished travertine tiles create a more refined look.

Because of its porosity, travertine does require proper care and maintenance. Travertine should be properly sealed when it is installed. Some travertine tiles are fabricated with its finished look while other tiles are made to appear honed or shiny because of the sealer that is applied. Whatever the design option, sealing the floor right away is mandatory so that the stone is protected from soil building up in the pores.

Cleaning and sealing the floor routinely is equally as important. All sealers break down over time and once this begins to happen dirt and oils will collect in the stone and diminish the stones appearance. If this deterioration continues the stone would need to be honed (restored) rather than simply cleaned. Acidic detergents should never be used on natural stone. Use pH neutral detergents or products that state, “safe for stone.”

Travertine is also susceptible to staining caused by most beverages especially red wine and coffee, cosmetics and any oil based liquid. Once the liquid seeps into the pores it cannot be removed by cleaning. It must be drawn out of the stone after several applications of a stain removing product. Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration provides its customers with a stain removal kit so that you can quickly respond to any liquid spill and keep your travertine floor or counter top stain free.

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Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration is a stone care professional service company and is available to clean, protect, maintain and restore your travertine floor, exterior paver or counter top.

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