What You Need to Know About Terrazzo Tile Cleaning

bayshore tampa What You Need to Know About Terrazzo Tile Cleaning

Tile CleaningMore and more homeowners are choosing to install tile in their home; in fact 95% of consumers prefer hardwood or tile over carpeting. Terrazzo floor tiles have been a popular choice for many generations, as they are a versatile option for homeowners. Here is everything you need to know about this flooring option.

What is terrazzo flooring ?

Terrazzo flooring is a type of flooring that is made from chips of colored marble and glass mixed into a polished cement. The mixture is ground smooth for an even finish, and it is known for its durability and long lasting finish. It has a long history dating back about 1500 years to medieval Italy.

How is it installed ?

Nowadays, terrazzo usually comes in tiles that are about one-fourth to three-eights inches thick.

How much does it cost ?

On average, terrazzo tiles cost anywhere between $7 to $10 per square foot.

How long does it last ?

If cleaned and maintained well, terrazzo flooring can last for decades or even centuries.

How do you protect terrazzo tiling ?

Terrazzo needs protection from stains and absorption. As the material is porous, it is easily stained, so it is important to invest in a quality seal. Experts recommend using 100% silicone caulk in order to seal out water and other liquids.

What is the best way to clean terrazzo floors ?

Terrazzo restoration and polishing does not have to be a complicated process. There are some steps to take, however, to ensure you will have the gleaming floors you have always wanted.

First off, it is important you use wax to clean the floor thoroughly. Rinse, apply a penetrating terrazzo cleaner, and then let dry. The final step is to buff the floor with an electric polisher for an even, smooth finish! Using an electric polisher for this method of terrazzo tile cleaning is crucial because of the tile’s porous material; buffing will make sure the tile is evenly penetrated.

Routine cleaning is vital for your tile’s longevity. It is best to invest in a quality, professional service when choosing terrazzo tile cleaning and tile restoration, so head over to Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration today !

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