What You Need to Know About Travertine

What You Need to Know About Travertine

When building or refurbishing a home, homeowners more often than not prefer hard surfaces such as wood and stone rather than softer surfaces such as carpet. Ceramic tile, for example, made up an eighth of total American floor materials sold in 2012 – nearly $19 billion! There are many advantages to choosing hard surfaces. One of them is that in general, hardwood and stone surfaces are easier to clean and maintain than carpet. Less particles, dirt, and germs stick to hardwood and stone, making them better for indoor air quality.

There are a number of hard surface materials to choose from: hardwood, marble, limestone, quartz, granite, concrete, travertine, and terrazzo (among many others). Of all of these materials, however, one stands out as a popular, durable, and beautiful material – travertine.

Travertine is a kind of limestone that is naturally deposited by mineral springs, such as hot springs. It has a concentric texture, meaning it is naturally covered with small holes. The holes, however, can be grinded or polished off to create a full, solid surface. Travertine is incredibly durable and easy to clean. Travertine cleaning is necessary only once in a while, mostly due to travertine’s long-lasting cleanliness. A 1″ x 1″ tile can weigh as much as five pounds – its density is one of the reasons why it is wonderful to use for floors, counters, and other areas around the house.

Though Travertine is incredibly popular today (the American demand for travertine accounts for 1.7 billion pounds of the mineral every year), it has been used for, quite literally, thousands of years. Use of travertine as a construction material can be found as early as ancient Rome. The Romans were known to use travertine (which is predominantly found in Italy) for their construction projects. Most famously, the Colosseum in Rome is composed partially of travertine!

Though much has changed since the magnificence of Rome, travertine has stayed the same. Travertine owners know just how beautiful and easy it is to take of. Still, like any mineral, it does need upkeep from time to time. When the need arises, travertine cleaning by professionals will help you with all your cleaning needs. From travertine polishing to travertine restoration services, professional travertine cleaning services know just what to do to handle this precious material. Feel free to leave a comment or question below for more information about travertine and the cleaning services used for it.

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