When in Rome: Why Terrazzo is One of the Best Surface Materials Out There

bayshore tampa When in Rome: Why Terrazzo is One of the Best Surface Materials Out There

tile cleaningHard surface material is surging in popularity throughout the country. In 2010, for example, nearly 40% of flooring sold for commercial projects were hard surface materials such as wood and stone whereas carpet and rug materials accounted for only 25%.

There are many reasons why homeowners and homebuyers prefer hard surfaces. If anything, hard surfaces are easier to clean and are more sanitary than fabric materials such as carpeting. Because hard surfaces have less room for dirt, dust, germs, and other tiny particles to burrow into than carpeting and rugs, they are naturally more sanitary. It is also better for the quality of the indoor air. There are many hard surface materials to choose from: wood, limestone, quartz, marble, travertine, granite, etc. However, one of the nicest and most popular minerals in use today is terrazzo.

Terrazzo is a composite material made out of granite, quartz, glass, marble, and other minerals that are crushed together, chemically mixed, heated, sanded, and polished for construction. This flooring as a whole is affordable; the average price of a square foot is no more than $10. Its density and sturdiness makes it an ideal surface material for floors and counters, especially in messy areas in the house like the kitchen.

Humans have been using terrazzo for such purposes for quite a while. That is, throughout antiquity! Terrazzo has been in use for at least 1500 years. The Romans were one of the civilizations that used terrazzo as a construction material. It has since then been used for projects on and off, and today it is one of the most popular hard surface materials in the world.

Cleaning this flooring is fairly easy. The material doesn’t require much maintenance. However, like all materials, terrazzo does need to be cleaned and restored from time to time. When the need arises, professional terrazzo cleaning is your best bet. Terrazzo polishing and restoration services are offered by many companies throughout the country. These businesses have the manpower, materials, and know-how needed to get the job done. For more information about terrazzo cleaning services, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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