Why You Should Polish Marble

bayshore tampa Why You Should Polish Marble

Most home owners choose marble for their floors because it is easy to install and maintain. Besides, it provides a beautiful finish not only for your home but also for most hospitals, five-star hotels, and shopping malls, among others. After installation, it is important to ensure that your floor maintains its professional look in the days to come.

Loss of Natural Glow

Stains, etches, and dust, are some of the elements that cause the marble to lose its natural glow, and this is unattractive to most homeowners. Heavy foot traffic contributes greatly to this, which implies that marble flooring on most commercial properties may discolor faster on particular sections, and that is one reason why polishing marble is necessary.

Restoration through Planned Maintenance

It is important to have a planned maintenance program for the marble floor in your bathroom and kitchen because these are some of the areas that remain wet often, which causes spotting. On the other hand, heavy products and chemical cleaning will erode the look of your marble floor, and planned maintenance is critical in restoring the sheen on such floors.

Honed Surfaces

A honed or matte surface of marble floors does not carry the shine of polished marble, and may not reveal the texture as one would desire. On the other hand, some household products meant to clean marble floors may contain acidic and harmful chemicals, which deteriorate the appearance of your countertops as well.

Such products may yield great results, but this will only last a short period, and your marble surfaces may be left with some resemblance of the honed variety. As such, you need to engage a professional to polish the marble. They will not only restore its original glow but will also advise you on how to care for such surfaces, and what cleaning products to use on them too.

Marble floors are sensitive to foot traffic and uneven installation, which cause wear due to constant exposure. Experts in marble cleaning and fixing can also address the latter to help maintain your floor better for longer. If you’re looking for a marble cleaning company or travertine restoration, contact the team at Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration today.

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